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~ Written by: Gail Reed ~

I Can’t Find My Manners



About the book

About the book

When it comes to manners, there are just so many things to remember! How do you act when you meet a new friend? What do you do when you cough or sneeze? How do you behave at the dinner table? Read more...

A little about me

A little about me

Gail Reed and her husband, Travis, live in Evans, Georgia. She has two adult daughters, Shelli and Whitney, and five grandchildren. After retiring from forty years of teaching, Read more...

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ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781480814103

ISBN 13 (HARD): 9781480814127

ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781480814110


bookCoverWhen it comes to manners, there are just so many things to remember! How do you act when you meet a new friend? What do you do when you cough or sneeze? How do you behave at the dinner table?

There are specific customs for all types of interactions we have with other people. When we remember to be polite and courteous, the people we meet will appreciate our friendly and pleasant actions. These rules of behavior are very important—they are your manners—and they must be practiced every day.

One little girl is worried she has lost the manners her mother and father worked so hard to teach her. She asks her readers to please help find them somewhere inside the book. Follow along as she reviews the lessons children and adults learn to succeed in every aspect of life.

Boys who learn good manners at an early age develop self-control, make better choices, and become better people as adults.

They need perpetual guidance from adults in order to develop these values. There are certain skills that must be taught, practiced, and reinforced in order for young boys to grow into honorable young men.

This fun, illustrated guide will help you teach the special young boys in your life how to:

Having good manners is much more than simply saying “please” and ‘thank you.” Help your young man become an Extraordinary Gentleman with, “Manners and More for Boys.”


If you want little girls to grow into well-mannered young ladies, then there are certain skills you need to teach them.

This illustrated guide makes learning those skills fun. Use it to teach the girls in your life how to:

• make introductions and greet others with confidence;

• avoid the drama in life by maintaining a positive attitude;

• dress with respect and wear age-appropriate clothing; and

• accept responsibility for thoughts and actions.

Girls will also learn how to make choices that lay the foundation for a bright future, demonstrate good sportsmanship, and exhibit class in everything they do.

Being a lady means more than saying “please” and “thank you”-it also means being considerate, tolerant, and respectful of others. It means sitting up straight, keeping your knees together, or sitting tall with your legs gently crossed at the knee or ankle-and many other important lessons as well.

Help little girls become extraordinary young ladies with the life lessons in Manners and More for Girls.


Toddlers who are exposed to learning good manners at an early age develop self-control, learn to make better choices, and become more well-rounded individuals.

But they need constant guidance from adults to develop these values, and there are certain skills that must be taught, practiced, and reinforced if you want them to respect others.

It can be a daunting challenge – especially when a toddler is throwing a tantrum – but this fun, illustrated guide will help. Give the little ones in your life the reinforcement they need to:

• eat correctly and use nice manners at mealtime;

• clean up their toys when they’re finished playing;

• learn to be honest and always tell the truth;

• respect naptime rules and bedtime expectations; and

• be kind and share with family and friends.

By using the insights and strategies in this guide, you’ll also help children choose healthy snacks, learn the importance of always telling the truth, and greet each day with a smile on their face.

You’ll need plenty of patience, but with continued guidance you’ll give the girls and boys in your life all the tools they need to become young ladies and gentlemen.


Going to the theater can be a magical and memorable experience, but it can turn bad quickly if a child doesn’t know what to expect, misbehaves or acts out.

That’s why it’s so important to teach children good manners, and you need to keep teaching them until they act properly. It’s an ongoing process and one of the most important responsibilities you’ll ever have as a parent or guardian.

Filled with illustrations, this fun guide lets children know what to expect when attending a refined playhouse-as well as how to behave. Young ladies and gentlemen will learn the rules to follow for:

• eating, drinking, and using the restroom;

• dressing in a way that respects others; and

• applauding and sitting properly during the performance.

They’ll also learn how to find out more about actors and actresses by referring to the playbill, why it’s important to turn off electronic devices, and the conventions surrounding standing ovations and curtain calls.

Help young ladies and gentlemen become extraordinary young people, and set them up for success in later life with the life-building skills in Manners at the Theater for Young People.